Storage cold rooms

In addition to indicating the type of cold room, the refrigeration calculator knows the standard conservation parameters for all types of products (meat, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, fruit, pharmaceutical products, bread, wine, and seafood…), and allows you to enter the number of door openings, daily air renewals, external humidity or even the product load in the cold room. With all this data, the tool gives us the refrigeration needs of that chamber, in other words, the refrigeration power you need to conserve the product optimally.With this technical re

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positive temperature cold rooms are designed for the conservation of products between 0 and 10 ºC. They are mainly used for the preservation of fresh food, beverages or medicines.

Size of cold room

In consideration of the size of the camera, we find:

  • Small-sized cold rooms, up to 30 m3, for use in catering and local shops, butchers, fishmongers, ice cream shops…
  • Medium-sized cold rooms up to 200 m3, used in supermarkets, cold rooms, hotels, pharmaceutical laboratories, …
  • Large industrial cold rooms up to 3000 m3. These chambers are located in large logistics centres or auctions.


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